“Horatio’s One Wish is a delightful tale…in the style and genre of Charlotte’s Web,” raves The Midwest Book Review, which calls it “unforgettable,” “inspiring,” and “a must” read.

“Horatio’s One Wish stars a resourceful hedgehog and his amiable traveling companions,” and takes you on “a journey with considerable suspense.” –Publishers Weekly

“All the right elements for an epic read-aloud…Perfect for third-graders or older or to read to younger children.”Seattle’s Child Magazine, Top 5 Summer Reads

Here’s what other readers have had to say:

“My son and I read this together and he hung on every word!  Perfect for the 5th grade level.”

“The best read-aloud book I’ve shared with my five-year-old.”

“A cross between My Father’s Dragon and A Wind in the Willows.”

“As gratifying as Watership Down”

“Horatio’s One Wish is Wonderful!”

“Themes of friendship, loyalty, kindness, and courage run through this book.”

“An inspiring tale! Horatio takes you on a journey you will never forget.”

“A gripping tale. A fabulous story. Get ready to laugh, cry, and bite your nails!”

“Both kids loved it…small animals, friendship, archery & an incredible adventure! We’re hoping it’ll be a series and they’ll make a movie!”

“A great book to read to your children or grandchildren. Horatio is a gentle, wonderful, brave character who will be loved by everyone.”

“What a blessing!”

Horatio’s One Wish currently has a 4.6 Stars out of 5 rating average on Amazon (with 50 reviews). To see all the reviews on Amazon click here:

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