Publicity Release

Blue Bog Press

Date: February 15, 2013
Title: Horatio’s One Wish
Author: Joshua Kriesberg
Publisher: Blue Bog Press;
Web Site:
ISBN: 0988696703; 978-0988696709
Details: Published January, 2013; Price: $11.95; Pages: 214


It’s Time for a Hedgehog Hero!
Middle-Grade Children’s Novel Horatio’s One Wish Now Available

Seattle, WA – Local Seattle, Washington author, Joshua Kriesberg, has published his middle-grade children’s novel, Horatio’s One Wish, a tale of one heroic hedgehog, two loyal hamsters, and a missing river otter.

“You never think someone you see almost every day for seven years would disappear one day and not come back. But that’s what happened to Horatio when his best friend, Rollic, went exploring downriver.” With those opening words, in this beautifully illustrated book, Horatio’s One Wish takes the reader on a journey full of magic and mystery, a world of woodland creatures and strange beasts.

Horatio’s One Wish is wonderful!” says elementary school teacher, Maida Lerman. “Children from grade school through middle school will be captivated by the adventures of Horatio and his pals, Whisklet and Whimser. They will also be inspired by the themes of friendship, loyalty, kindness, and courage that run through this book.”

“This is an adventure full of twists and turns,” says Magdalena Bassett. “A great book to read to your children or grandchildren, or let them read themselves. Horatio is a gentle, wonderful, brave character who will be loved by everyone.”

Joshua Kriesberg lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife, Jane, and two sons, Max and Ben. Max and Ben were willing listeners to countless “make-up” stories, which eventually formed the novel Horatio’s One Wish. Kriesberg has written for most of his life. He has an affinity for animal characters in fiction. Horatio’s One Wish is his first children’s novel.

“Although I wrote the book for children,” says Kriesberg, “the story’s characters and universal themes can appeal to all ages. The story is about how a lost and lone creature, Horatio, ventures out into an unknown world and overcomes great odds to find his way home. A journey all of us can relate to.”

Horatio’s One Wish is now available on Amazon, and through Ingram and other major distributors.

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